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Houa L. Her is the Founder and CEO of United Hmong Shaman Temple, Inc. She is the oldest of 12 children.  She is a wife and mother of five children. In 1999, she received her BS in Accountancy from California State University Sacramento; and earned her MBA in Financial Management from National University of San Diego in 2002.  She works as an Accountant in Sacramento, California.

Aside from her job as an Accountant, she is a passionate master shaman. She dedicates her time to the community to heal spiritual and physical illness, improve interpersonal and family relationships, and balance energy between the physical and spiritual worlds by the use of her shaman spirits.  She educates the communities about shamanism, the way of the shaman, supports and guides the new shamans and their families through their journey of becoming shaman. Houa is a master shamanic spiritual healer with over ten years of spiritual healing experience.  She is actively working with educational institutions, hospitals, and other based organizations about Hmong Shamanism, Hmong History, Hmong Art and Hmong Culture.

Xa Txhaj Her is the CFO of the organization.  He is a husband and father of five children.  In 1993, he received his BS in Business Administration from the National University of San Diego.  He worked for the County of Sacramento for over 15 years.  He brought in with a wide arranged of knowledge and experiences in the community.  He is an active community liaison in regards to the practice of Hmong Shamanism.


Kao Lor moved to the US in 1975.  He is a husband and father of 10 children.  He is the son of a master shaman and a master shaman himself.  As a master shaman, he has healed people who were mentally and physically ill as well as those who been through stressful situations.  His clients included all races and ages.  He uses his shaman spirits to effectively adjust and balance energy between the physical and spiritual worlds for families that were in desperate situations. He is very compassion when it comes to helping others and the communities.  With his wisdom, knowledge and experience, he works well with the communities and its leaders addressing spiritual issues.

Jerry Hang is married and has three children.  He is currently working for the US Postal Services in Live Oaks, California.  Even though he works full time, he still find the time to help people who's in spiritual needs. With his shaman spirits, he was able to heal people with spiritual and physical illness; and improve interpersonal and family relationships. Jerry is the first US born generation to become a shaman.  Due to the lack of resource and support regarding shamanism, it was a stressful journey for him. And because of his personal struggle journey, he can relate more to the younger generation regarding Hmong shamanism. Of all the struggles and difficult times that he has been through,  he devotes his time to educate, support and guide the new generation shamans and their families to maneuver through their new endeavor journeys to become shaman.

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