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The primary mission for United  Hmong Shaman Temple, Inc. is to Provide, Practice, and Preserve Hmong Shamanism.  UHST provides shamanic spiritual healing to individual and families in need.  These shamanic spiritual healing services will be done by UHST experienced shamans.  The shamanic spiritual healing services that our organization offers can include, but not limited to, healing physical illness, improving interpersonal and family relationships, adjust and balance energy between the physical and spiritual worlds to improve one's overall life and lifestyle, providing spiritual guidance, and addressing everyday issues. 

All of the shamanic spiritual healing services that UHST offers will be performed on a one-on-one basis, with each of the services being tailored to specifically address each individual's unique needs.  Each spiritual healing performance varies in length of time depends upon the issue(s) that are being addressed. 


All shamans performing services for the organization will be considered master rank and must be approved and certified by UHST board of directors.   

In addition to the shamanic spiritual healing services, it also provides supportive services, workshops, and guidance to new shamans and their families as well as the community.  United Hmong Shaman Temple is preserving and educating the community about Hmong Shamanism, the way of the Shaman, Hmong History, Hmong Arts, and Hmong Culture.

United Hmong Shaman Temple, Inc. is working diligently to expand its programs and services in an effort to better fulfill its goals.  As a nonprofit organization, it is committed to continually offering the highest quality programs and services available.  Through its programs and services, we want to have a positive impact in the lives of those we work with and the community as a whole.


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